Book a clarity, no obligation, call with us, and we can discuss the best solution for you.



Step 1

Your Manuscript

  • Is your manuscript ready to Publish?
  • Send us a sample, and we’d be delighted to give you our opinion
Step 1

Step 2

30 Minute Clarity Call

  • Introduce You to the Publishing Experience
  • Help You to understand the process
  • Formulate together with You, a plan of action
  • Help You choose which publishing package best suits you
Step 2

Step 3


At this stage of proceedings, you have chosen to publish your book.
Thank you so much for choosing TPE, we’re excited to get started.

Please can You:

  • Fill out the author submission form
  • Provide author & book details
  • Provide an author bio
  • Provide a book description
  • Sign our agreement to authorise us to start
  • Make payment
    (TPE take no royalties and you retain all copyright)
Step 3

Step 4

Purchasing ISBN’s

  • Purchase ISBN’s for each version of your book
  • Follow our tutorial on how to buy your ISBN’s

(Note: we recommend you purchase your own ISBN’s so that your book will be registered to your author name. You will be required to set up an account to purchase ISBN’s; we will guide you through this process)

Step 4

Step 5

Professional Cover Design

  • You must provide us with your cover design brief
  • We partner with industry experts to ensure a professional layout and a high-quality cover design
Step 5

Step 6

Cover Review

The design team produce a sample.You review the cover, and we adjust:*

  • You review the sample cover design
  • You provide written feedback (email) in a timely fashion
  • Our design team make any adjustments
  • You confirm you are 100% satisfied and approve the cover

(*Note: We allow you three iterations of this review process within the base price)

Step 6

Step 7

Book Layout & Formatting

  • Our industry partners ensure your book will be formatted professionally into the following file types PDF, EPUB and MOBI
  • These are the final stages before the book goes to publish (almost there!)
Step 7

Step 8

Final Review

  • We send you a PDF of the final book
  • You review the layout & format, and we adjust:*
      • You review the entire PDF for format and layout
        (not content & cover, this is already done)
      • You provide written feedback (email) in a timely fashion
      • Our design team make any adjustments
  • You confirm you are 100% satisfied with the format and layout
  • You sign the release form to go to publish

(*Note: We allow you three iterations of this review process in the base price)

Step 8

Step 9

KDP Upload & Launch Blueprint

We produce for You, a personalised KDP UPLOAD & LAUNCH BLUEPRINT that includes:

    • An Upload Plan (getting the book onto the POD platforms)
    • A Launch Strategy (making a splash)
    • Tips for ongoing Maintenance (maintaining the interest)

(Note: we will provide you with a 1-hour consultation to walk you through the steps in our bespoke upload, launch and maintenance blueprint)

Step 9

Step 10

Hit The PUBLISH button

  • You can follow the Blueprint we provide to setup your accounts, your profile and upload the book files we have produced for you
  • We can provide live coaching with a TPE consultant on hand to help you walkthrough and double-check everything
  • Once you are 100%, sure everything is correct You hit the publish BUTTON in Your accounts and hey presto,

your book is published


Step 10
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